The GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology: Application examples

Posted by on Dec 15, 2013

The GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology: Application examples

In the link below some examples of application of the GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology are shown in different types of conflict, some of them are already resolved and other are undergoing negotiation.

In all cases GESCOM elaborated thorough Comparative Analyses adapted to our clients needs and requirements, answering the main arguments around which the corresponding conflict revolves.

These examples evince how the different comparative criteria considered in the GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology become of fundamental importance when being singular.

The GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology allows us to perform an individual and an overall assessment of all these criteria, either favourable or unfavourable, weighting them according to their relative importance in the visual perception and recognition process. Thus, the average weighted similarity ratio between the Design Systems compared can be established in a completely objective and comparable manner.

For some of the cases shown as examples of application, the Comparative Analyses contributed by GESCOM have been explicitly mentioned in the corresponding Judgement.