The Scent


The human sense of smell is the most linked to emotions and memories. The capacity of memorizing odours is greater than that for images, which is why incorporating the smell into a brand strategy allows a deeper emotional link to be built with consumers.

The scent applied to a product can become an own and differential feature of it, acquiring distinctive capacity and allowing the product identification in a complementary way to the brand that distinguishes it.

In this case, the scent becomes a powerful and important component within the product brand strategy and can transcend the product itself being directly linked to the product brand. Consequently, it is indispensable to protect and defend it against possible imitation acts, either in the original product or in other possible and/or future applications, that can lead to confusion and/or association between products or company origins.

GESCOM in conjunction with ODOURNET Spain have developed a methodological process that allows the own and characteristic scent of a product to be characterized in a complete and one-to-one manner, obtaining a clear, precise, objective and durable graphic representation of it..

The process developed takes into consideration the complementarity of the sensitive human sense of smell and robust analysis techniques to characterize an odour in an instrumental and sensory manner. To this end, different instrumental techniques widely used and accepted in the field of olfactometry (odour measurement sensory technique) are applied following the standard EN13725.

The characterization of a scent constitutes a powerful tool that allows a scent to be protected as such and, in the event of an imitation conflict, allows the degree of closeness existing between the scents applied to the conflicting products to be established, both in an instrumental and a sensory manner, as well as whether or not this closeness may cause confusion among consumers.