THE GESCOM-CIVEC METHODOLOGY: An exclusive and unique methodology

In 1997, GESCOM in conjunction with the Technical University of Catalonia (Barcelona – Spain) developed a unique methodology that has become a worldwide reference in evaluating and quantifying in an objective and totally comparable manner the different variables that take part in the Perception, Identification and Visual Recognition processes of Design and Identification Systems. This is an objective replica of the synthesized visual perception of an average observer.

This exclusive process, called GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology, defines and analyses a set of design criteria weighting them regarding their importance and communicative function within the compared Design and Identification Systems.

The most outstanding differential factor of the GESCOM-CIVEC Methodology is that, based on a set of scientific and technical foundations, allows the average weighted degree of similarity existing between two Design and Identification Systems, considered as units or visual communicative wholes, to be determined in and objective and totally comparable manner.

From its initial architecture, the process has been optimized by GESCOM’s professionals becoming a universal methodology that adapts to the specificity of each case: a guarantee of excellence.

Due to the interdisciplinary character of GESCOM, suitable professionals in the fields of design, communication and marketing, engineering, optometry and colorimetry join each project depending on its specific characteristics.

By applying this methodology in the execution of thorough Comparative Analyses in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property since 1997 (unfair competition, trademark infringement and conflict between designs), GESCOM has helped to successfully resolve conflicts in wide-ranging sectors such as: food, cleaning, hygiene, cosmetics, beverages, services, technology, industrial design, restaurants, jewellery, sport shoes, fashion, fabric design, pharmaceutical sector, communication and advertising campaigns and franchises.