About us

GESCOM (Gestión Estratégica de Comunicación) is a consultancy specializing in visual communication, marketing, and trademark protection. It comprises experts in developing brand strategies, corporate image strategies, visual leadership analyses and comparative analyses in the field of Industrial and Intellectual Property.

GESCOM was founded in 1989 in Barcelona (Spain), where we have our headquarters and from where we operate worldwide.

Our values as a company are rigour, objectivity, professionalism, specificity, thoroughness, and customization. Each client is unique for us. We adapt and apply our methodology and all our knowledge, expertise and technique in a totally customized manner always seeking excellence and total satisfaction of our clients.

Our aim is to help our clients to protect their core business providing them with highly effective tools to fight against trademark infringement, parasitic copying or look-alikes, and unfair competition or passing off.

GESCOM specializes in the analysis and objective quantification of Perception, Identification and Visual Recognition of trademarks, community designs, packaging, trade dress, franchise image, utility models and advertising and communication campaigns, from the perspective of their importance and communicative function at a public level.

In the field of sensory marketing, which is applied ever more frequently in developing brand strategies, and specifically when a scent is used as an own and differential feature for some products (scent marketing), GESCOM in conjunction with ODOURNET has developed a methodological process that allows this new and important distinctive and identifying feature with such a great potential (the scent of a brand) to be characterized in a complete and one-to-one manner and to be protected.